Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The coaches that helped to make our week special...

Thanks Crystal, Jeremy, Carey, and JDP...
Crystal challenged us with wheelbarrow's (how do you spell that word?), pull-ups, and team challenges.

Crystal and Carey led us through workouts that were really fun...

Carey led us through "Jeremy" and then read us a book... I don't know many crossfit workouts that get Dr. Seauss read to them afterwards by a coach like Carey?!?! It was awesome!
It was a great lesson and workout~!

Then JDP and Crystal joined us for the bike riding. We loved having them there!

Lastly, we had Jeremy come talk to us about our choices in life and it was a great talk. He spoke with us about who our friends are, what we choose to do, and how we are in charge of our own actions... powerful talk! Thanks JT!!!


  1. Fun times! lots of comraderie, learning and new friends!

  2. Elan had a challenging time kayaking, but had a cool time at the Science Center and the bike ride was "really fun" cuz he got to ride a cruiser".. he also got to meet "Jeremy, Carey, Crystal and JDP!