Thursday, August 12, 2010

Watch us on KXAN and News 8 Austin scrubbing away!!!!

Great job guys, you don't need tv cameras or breakfast tacos to do a great job, but the tacos did help a little bit! wink wink!

Service, Fun in the sun, and Goal Setting....

Today we started off with a run to Barton Springs Pool where we did a service learning project with a few members of the House of Representatives, the Senator, and seemed like everyone official in Austin...

Then we went for a bike ride around Town Lake
and had a motivating talk with Jeremy Thiel to end the day...
WHEW! What a great camp!!!

Thanks Barton Springs Bike Rental, you guys were awesome the whole summer!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We got "SWOLL"

Thanks to Michael Winchester, we did a workout today that he named "SWOLL"!! It was a great team challenge, that was very close!

Then, we went kayaking with Heather Reed (HJ) and Megan Parsons (Showout!)
It was hot, but we hardly even noticed, because we were having so much fun!!

One sinking kayak brought the group together like a real team!!

All in a days work...

Tuesday, team building/leadership....
a challenging workout.......
Austin Science and Nature Center....
then football in the pool!!!
What a day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yesterday was packed with team building, a challenging workout, and then some swimming...
You may say, why are you brushing your teeth in the park...Well that was our partner building activity. They had to feed each other bananas and brush each others teeth. It was hilarious!!
At the pool, we had the first game of the summer where we actually lost the "bacon" and the workout was a good one~!!!
150 m Row
15 kb swings
10 jump ups
AMRAP in 10 minutes

The boys rocked the workout with 3 to 4 rounds!!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

just 1 more

Only one camp left....are you in? August 9th -12th, 2010.

Its the kids that make the camps AMAZING>......

These are no ordinary people they are...
Kids that care, kids that challenge themselves, kids that push the envelope, kids that are leaders, kids that want to do more than what has ever been done before....