Thursday, February 11, 2010

Future Fire Breathers Set Dead Lift PRs !!!!!

13 year old Ethan R. reached a benchmark with 1.5x body weight dead lift....150lbs!!!!!!
11 year old Ethan C. also reached the bench mark 1.5x body weight dead lift with 110lbs!!!!
CrossFit Kid, Madison, shows good form as she prepares for a new dead lift personal record of 53lbs.
Our newest CrossFitter, Nelle, shows intense concentration and strength during her new dead lift personal record of 53lbs!!!!

I'm very proud of all our CrossFit Kid and Teen athletes as they set new records and courageously improve their form, endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, speed, agility, and power.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Max Squats and Asteroid Attack!!!!!

Buy In:
1 minute max squats.
Thanks Coach Travis and Coach Mike for joining in!

1 minute max push ups

3 Rounds of 45 seconds each element
(1 minute rest between rounds)
KB Swings
DB Push Press
Jump Rope

Game: "Asteroid Attack"
Athletes stand in a circle with one person in the middle. On the count of 3 all athletes toss their ball up so the person in the middle can catch it. Object is for the person in the middle to catch as many balls as possible. (team work, hand eye coordination, FUN!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Overhead Squats

Our new CrossFit Kid, Nelle, is working hard and is learning to overhead squat. Way to go Nelle, you did a great job!!!!

Sit ups
Over head squats
Supermans (supergirls)
Box Jumps

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Box Jumps and Shipwrecks

Today's WOD:
Box Jumps
Kettlebell Swings

Game: Shipwreck
All athletes must swing from the platform (shipwreck) to a smaller platform (rescue dingy) on a rope. If any athlete falls into the shark infested waters they all must return to the shipwreck platform and try again. This game involves grip strength, coordination, and of course TEAM WORK! After about 5-6 tries our CrossFit Teens successfully completed the task and got 6 castaways onto the small rescue dingy without becoming shark bait (ooo ha ha!)