Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday CrossFit Kids / Teens Workout

We had a great turnout for our Free Saturday CrossFit Kids / Teens Workout. It was great to see so many new faces. Everyone did a great job on the team workout and the game.

Today's WOD:
In a team of 3 complete the following:
150 Single Unders
125 Sit Ups
100 Kettlebell Swings
75 Push Ups
50 Med Ball Slams
25 Burpees

Game: Obstacle Course Relay
Each team member must go through the obstacle course then as a team you must move all the elements of the course and rebuild it at a new location. Once again every team member must go through the course to win!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Superman / Banana

Coach Jeremy Thiel joined our CrossFit Kids for a little game of "Superman / Banana." The athlete holds the superman position until the coach yells, "banana" at which point the athlete flips over without putting down their arms or legs and holds the hollow rock position. We have some really strong cores in this class! Thanks Coach Jeremy for playing along.

Upcoming Event:
Free CrossFit Kids/Teens Workout
Saturday January 30th
@ CrossFit Central on Burnet Rd.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

CrossFit Teens Start the New Year Strong!

Our CrossFit Teens class working hard and showing off their new "guns".

Ethan R. showing good height on his box jumps.

Gabby and Christine are getting stronger every week. Keep up the good work girls!